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Take Out a Christmas Loan

With Christmas looming large, it’s impossible to forget how expensive this time of year can be. Whilst we always encourage our members and the wider community to save in advance of a large expenditure, we also know how hard that can be, not even counting for the difficult financial times that we find ourselves in. Even if you have managed to build savings, it’s at this time of year that financial emergencies become apparent - cars are more likely to break down in the cold, and boilers are more likely to pack up. If you are starting to wonder about the cost of Christmas, then a Christmas loan from CLEVR Money could be exactly what you need.

A Christmas loan from CLEVR Money is the kind of borrowing you can take out without worrying about sleepless nights in the New Year. That’s because when you take out a Christmas Loan with us you’re borrowing from an ethical lender. We know that there are other places you could go to for a Christmas Loan, from high street banks to store cards, catalogues and payday lenders. We also know that when you take out a Christmas loan with us, you’re dealing with an ethical lender. What this means is that, unlike some other lenders, we are a not for profit organisation. This means we can keep our interests rates as fair as possible, so you know that a Christmas loan from us provides a way of borrowing that you need, which has been designed to help people in our local communities.

The other aspect of the way we handle each Christmas loan that sets us apart as an ethical lender is our transparency. To put it simply, when you take out a Christmas loan with us you know exactly what you’re getting. We never lend our members more than we think they can afford to pay back, and we always explain exactly how much repayment will be, as well as what the total amount repaid will be and how much of that is the interest being charged. In addition to this you can be certain that your Christmas loan doesn’t have any hidden fees or extra charges buried in the small print – what you see is what you get.

We’ve made the process of applying for a Christmas loan as simple as possible, and you can give us all the information we need online. We’ll process each application as quickly as possible and if your Christmas loan is approved the money will be transferred to your account. This puts you in the position of having the cash you need to shop around for the Christmas you’ve been planning. Whether that means lots of delicious food and drink, the gifts your kids are dreaming of or even a break away from it all, having a Christmas loan from CLEVR Money to finance things will make all the difference. You can spend and treat yourself or your loved ones safe in the knowledge that your Christmas loan from CLEVR Money is a loan from an ethical lender.

Representative example. Borrowing £600 over 12 months will cost £60.28 Total amount repayable is £723.36 which includes interest at 42.6% APR. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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