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Are You Thinking ‘I Need Money for Christmas?’

There’s really no escaping the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. Even if you manage to avoid Christmas songs on an endless loop and haven’t bought all the gifts, there’s no escaping the Christmas adverts on TV, the radio and in almost all of the shops, and could leave you wondering how to pay for it all and thinking ‘Help, I need money for Christmas’.

santa crossing fingers

Like everything else, Christmas seems to get more expensive every year, and thinking ‘I need money for Christmas’ is pretty much unavoidable for the average person. Even if you’ve struggled and managed to put some money aside throughout the year, it doesn’t always go very far once you’ve paid for extra food, drink and the gifts you want to give people. If you’ve got kids you’ll know how demanding they can be, and even if you are on a budget, it’s only natural to want to see their faces light up when they find out what Santa left on Christmas morning.

That’s why so many people thinking ‘I need money for Christmas’ find themselves turning to the likes of payday and doorstep lenders. While these organisations may provide loans, they usually do so at very high interest rates and with less than festive strings attached. The difference when you come to borrow from CLEVR Money is that you’re dealing with a genuinely ethical lender which has your best interests at heart.

We don’t run to make a profit, so we don’t have to push up our interest rates to generate funds to pay off shareholders or directors. We’re owned by our members and run for their benefit and we are proud to keep our interest rates affordable. In addition to this we work in a completely transparent manner. The interest rate we publish is the rate we offer to every single member. What’s more, when you take out a loan from us you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and charges. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying and how often payments need to be made, and we’ll only ever lend what we think you can afford to pay back.

Christmas loans

If you come to us and say ‘I need money for Christmas’ we’ll work with you as an individual to try to make that happen. If your loan application is approved, then the money will be transferred into your account, leaving you free to enjoy getting on with the rest of your Christmas.

If the thought that ‘I need money for Christmas’ is giving you sleepless nights then get in touch with CLEVR Money. We can help you out in a fair and ethical manner, allowing you to enjoy Christmas without worrying about being short of funds as you head into 2019.

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