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Blackpool FC 24/25 Season Tickets Loan

In collaboration with Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST), we are now able to help Blackpool fans enjoy their favourite games without the financial pressure of paying per game, with our specially designed season ticket loan.

If you are not a member of BST, please help them and Join now.

How it works:

Once you click apply:

  1. You will start the Season Tickets loan application on a new page.

  2. Fill in the details as required.

  3. Once you "submit" the loan application, follow the after loan application instruction on screen to speed up the process and we can contact you faster.

  4. We will examine your loan application, if it is successful, we will call you to collect payment details.

NOTE: You must be over 18 to be able to apply. This is a personal loan application, if successful, the funds will be paid into your bank account and are to be used for purchasing a Blackpool FC season tickets. Repayable over 9 months. APR 42.6% (3% interest per month).

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