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Family Loan

Loan Amount






Monthly Payment



Representative APR 


Total Repayable



Representative example: Borrowing £500 over 12 months will cost £50.23. Total amount repayable is £602.76 which includes interest at 42.6% APR and no other fees.

FamilyLoan repaid via child benefit

How to apply for a  £500 no credit check Family Loan:

  1. Click on APPLY NOW

  2. Click YES for credit check, but it will not be executed

  3. Choose £500 over 12 months

  4. Repayment method must be: *Child Benefit to qualify for no credit check loan,

  5. Continue filling the form and Submit.

*You can apply if you are receiving child benefit and are not in an IVA, DRO, DMP or Bankrupt.

Available for everyone with no existing loan.

T&C Apply


Child benefit is the only repayment method that we offer for this loan. You must be the claimant and be aged 18+ to apply for a Family Loan.


Our members tell us that they find the child benefit repayment method simple and easy, as it automates the repayments. It’s a great alternative to the traditional repayment options of Direct Debits and Standing Orders, which don’t work well for everyone.

Once the DWP pays the child benefit into the member’s account, we split the payment into 2 parts. We’ll keep some of the money in your CLEVR Money account to cover the loan repayment and some savings, and we will send the rest of the money directly to your personal bank account.


Families welcome this method as part of no hassle repayments, since they don't need to remember to make a regular payment, or worry about a direct debit payment failing.

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