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Get into the saving habit

Not sure how much you want to save? Let me help you.

How much can you pay back if you took a loan out today?

If you can sort out your month without that amount. That is the amount you can save. 

Save half of it on regular basis.

Need urgent cash?

Of course you can apply for a loan? Be realistic how much you need, never apply for more. Keep in control. Shorter times loans are best for your financial health. 

Yes, you will need to save while repaying your loan. We'll help you out.

Family Loan £500

Many families with low income have used this loan. It is condition is that it is paid via child benefit. 

Only our payroll partners can repay from their salary deduction.

If you need it, you can apply here.

Need more help?

If you need to know how you can benefit our of the salary deduction scheme, you may want to learn more about How To Use Your Local Credit Union To Your Benefit

If you have any question, just email, you'll get your answers within 1 working.

How it works?

You can apply to join us online. You will need your payroll number. 

Follow the instructions on the application form and choose Blackpool Council as your employer.

Then each month, your will see the amount you decided to save with us being deducted from your salary.

That's it!

Who's in control?

You are in control. You can register to our online banking and manage your account online. 

You have access to your savings anytime you need them. That's the point of saving with us. 

If you keep your savings in the account till the new financial year, you might even receive dividend.

But I need a bigger loan

Use our loan calculator on loan page to estimate how much you are looking for.

Any amount under £500, we can help you out without credit check. If more than £500, we will have to run credit check. 

But don't let this put you down, our major decision making is based on affordability.

What do you need the loan for? ask us before you get yourself into debts.

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