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Salary Deduction Scheme (Payroll)

Necessary and Important
Perks for Your Employees

Give your employees attractive and beneficial rewards and benefits. An employee savings and loan scheme through payroll deduction is an attractive and convenient method to provide your employee the chance to build financial stability.


If your business operates within our common bond areas, we are your local credit union.

FREE service

Partnership with CLEVR Money has no costs to employers and no membership cost to employees. 

Contact us to learn more about how the scheme benefits everyone;

  • Members' savings are protected by the FSCS

  • The scheme can improve employees' financial resilience

  • Promote responsible saving and affordable credit

  • Increase your organisation's social responsibility.

How much admin work is involved?

Your payroll team will receive a ready calculated sheet with any new deductions or changes to existing deductions to be sent to CLEVR Money.


The payroll will only make one payment on all employees behalf to one bank account and email a remittance to us, we process the distribution to their accounts internally.

The payroll will process the deduction on the pay slip, same as they process the payments for taxes. It is easy processing since it can be automated with the company's internal payroll software.

How it works?

CLEVR Money manages the payroll scheme internally, with full liability. Our team manages the process of payroll changes, withdrawal requests and loan applications.


  • Payment deducted directly from salary

  • Online banking account management

  • Saver accounts options available

  • Priority access to our lending team

  • Access to affordable loans with no set up fees or early repayment penalty.


Money worries impact staff focus, which affects their performance at work.


Our payroll scheme helps reduce the number of requests for salary advances and employees using loans with high interest rates.

A recent study revealed an overwhelming positive impact of deduction loans, available to employees as part of the payroll scheme, in lowering stress and anxiety of individuals.

Internal marketing

We provide a complimentary full marketing package on a monthly basis. It includes: 2x screen posts, an A4 poster / publishing / magazine, blog post and 1 image for the blog, and newsletter ready text.

We visit everyone who invites us to speak. We'll explain how we work, answer questions, talk about financial stability, how to get the most out of the payroll scheme, how financial resilience becomes a lifestyle and more.

Payroll deduction savings & loans  membership

Employees that enroll onto the Payroll Deduction Scheme will automatically become a member of CLEVR Money, and their savings can be withdrawn upon demand.

Our primary objective is to promote sound financial management by encouraging responsible savings and giving access to affordable credit.

Over time, members savings can build up and end the cycle of borrowing.

Joining CLEVR Money and becoming credit union member is a lifestyle.

Learn in Depth about Salary Deductions and why you should choose a credit union

Understanding the Power of Payroll Savings Schemes for Employers and Employees

Money and Pensions Service


Important Findings Support Payroll Deduction Schemes

Deduction Lending:

  • 97% satisfied or very satisfied

  • 7 of 10 agrees this type of lending helped them save more regularly

Victims of illegal money lending:

  • 62% income under £20,000pa

  • 48% living in social housing

  • 66% have other legal debts

Money and Pensions Service

"People who enjoy good financial wellbeing are more productive at work. If they are not, employers suffer too. "

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Preston City Council
“We are proud that many of Preston City Council’s workforce have signed up to save regularly with CLEVR Money credit union, a not-for-profit savings and loans co-operative. Not only do we want credit union membership to grow internally we actively promote CLEVR with many of our partners and to the wider community.
“CLEVR Money promotes sound financial management by encouraging responsible savings and giving access to affordable low-cost credit.
“This form of banking is particularly important as we go forward through the cost of living crisis and so we are very glad our staff are able to support the co-operative in this way.”

Councillor Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston City Council

Our Payroll Scheme Partners

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