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Our Christmas Loans on Benefits are a Simple Solution

Paying for Christmas can be difficult even if you have plenty of money coming in. In an ideal world you’ll have saved all year to have a sum set aside to pay for everything, but the reality of modern life means that this is often not the case. Finding the money for gifts, food and drink can be tricky, particularly if you’re on a relatively low income. We understand that many of our members can be working hard at more than one job and still need to have their income topped up with benefits and that’s why we’re happy to offer Christmas loans on benefits.

Whether you’re having a low wage supplemented, or you need to claim benefits while you’re unable to work, Christmas on benefits can become a time of stress and worry rather than the annual celebration it ought to be. We believe our members have as much right as anyone else to enjoy a happy and relaxed Christmas, without having to run up an expensive overdraft or turn to high interest payday loans. That’s why we offer Christmas loans on benefits which are affordable and ethical.

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Like everything else we do, our Christmas loans on benefits are provided on a not for profit basis. This means that we don’t have to boost interest rates in order to bring in as much money as possible. We keep our rates affordable and to keep things simple, we offer the same rates to every one of our members. On top of this, we never include hidden fees or charges, so you know exactly what you’re going to be paying through every part of the process.

We understand that our members who receive benefits might worry about borrowing money and being able to pay it back. That’s why we work hard to make our loans as convenient and affordable as possible. We’ll never lend you more than we think you can afford to pay back, and we’ll set up regular affordable repayments. We’ll make sure that the repayments don’t leave you with too little money to get by, and at the same time we’ll ensure that your loan is paid off quickly, efficiently and simply.

Once we approve a loan, the money will be paid into your account, leaving you free to relax and start planning Christmas safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the budget you need.

Our Christmas loans are designed to enable our members to budget for Christmas without having to worry about making expensive payments through the rest of the next year. We don’t think anyone should have to suffer stress and sleepless nights just because it happens to be Christmas and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that our members can afford the kind of Christmas they really want.

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