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Saving with your local credit union:

A savings account with a credit union:

  • Gives you a flexible account that lets you save what you can, when you can

  • You know you're saving with an organisation owned by and run for the members that use its services

  • Withdraw when you need, the amount you need.*

*Terms and conditions apply

It is not too late to start saving for Christmas

Eligibility to save with Credit Union

Saving with our Credit Union is empowering your community, while building your assets by owning a part of CLEVR Money.

You're eligible to apply to become a shareholder if you;

  • are over 16,

  • live or work in our common bond areas,

  • can provide 3 years of address,

  • can provide your employment details

  • and your bank account details.


Saving Accounts

We have multiple types of saving accounts to suit your needs

Membership Account-CLEVR Money

Membership Account

This is your first step, all members need to have a Membership Account.

Once you open your new membership saving account, you become a shareholder. Whether you're a regular saver or occasional, this is your door to the all services.

Second Saver Account-CLEVR Money

Second Saver Account

You can open a second saving account if you have a specific goal in mind.

Maybe you would like to save money for a relative, a future purchase or just long term savings.

This is a great way to keep your savings organised per goal.

Christmas Saver Account-CLEVR Money

Christmas Saver Account

You know you need it!

This option locks the savings throughout the year, so that you can't be tempted to dip into your savings. It is unlocked between 1st November and the last working day before Christmas!

Salary Deduction Scheme

Payroll Partner Saver

Are you a Payroll Partner Scheme employee? If yes, you can apply and save direct from salary each payday.

If not, you still can become a saving member and you can of course introduce us to your employer, we're happy to help them sign up to the scheme.

Once you've joined us...

Online Banking

Manage your account online. If you have joined us and haven't registered yet for an online banking account, you can register now.

If you have already registered, you can login into your online banking account and manage your savings and loans.

Withdrawal Requests Mon-Fri

Withdrawals requested before 1pm will usually be settled by 6pm same working day.


Withdrawals requested after 1pm will usually be settled next working day by 6pm.


No transactions will be processed on weekends or bank holidays.

Why Save Money?

Saving is beneficial for you, but saving with a credit union is a lifestyle choice which helps your community, while you keep your own money. By choosing to save with CLEVR Money, you become a shareholder of our credit union. Shareholders may receive dividends after each fiscal year, based on the companys performance.

fscs logo horizontal

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Your money is protected up to £85,000.

For legal information,

Christmas Saving Account

With the Christmas Saver Account, members can choose to save extra money into a dedicated account, to be sure their money is set aside to help with Christmas expenses.

Starting early is better than waiting until the last minute, where a loan may be the solution.

Even though we help with low interest Christmas loans, we always encourage 

people to save for Christmas. If you haven't saved enough on time, we can top it up with smaller christmas loan.

Our Christmas Saver Accounts are locked through the year, so that you can’t be tempted to dip into your savings.

They unlock between 1st November and the last working day before Christmas, ready for that Christmas shopping spree!

Second Saver Account

If you are already a member of CLEVR Money, but are looking to save a little extra for something special, then why not open a Second Saver Account.

You can save as much as you want (subject to the current maximum deposit limit), as and when you can and when you’re ready, you can withdraw all or some of your savings.

  • Manage your account via online banking

  • Easy access to your savings

  • Dividend bearing account (subject to credit union performance)

  • Pay in payroll deduction, bank transfer, direct debit, standing order or direct from your benefits.

Payroll Partners

At CLEVR Money, our accounts enable people to get a grip on their finances through saving and responsible borrowing.

And if you’re an employee of a business which has signed up to our payroll deduction savings scheme, building up savings is so much easier, with a set amount taken from your salary each payday and transferred into your CLEVR Money savings account.

By saving through our Payroll Partner Saver Scheme, you can open a Membership Account and gain access to all of the benefits of saving with CLEVR Money.

Easy savings via payroll deduction​

Manage your account online

Minimum savings value of £10 per month

Option to open a Christmas Saver Account, second and Junior accounts

Free to join

Contact Us

Please email us at:

We usually reply within 24h (Mon-Fri)

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