Our Loans

CLEVR Money is a Credit Union, an ethical lender working for its members.


Whether you need a loan to cover an emergency expense such as a car repair, or something more enjoyable such as your summer holiday, we are here to help. Our loans are designed with our members in mind, with no set-up costs, no arrangement fees and no early repayment penalties. We are proud to offer fair and affordable borrowing rates that can beat the banks. 

All of our loans can be applied for online, however if you would prefer to talk to a loans officer, or to book a loan appointment call us today on 01253 478390

Family Loans

Borrow £500 with No Credit Check and repay through your Child Benefit.

Home Improvement Loans

Whether you are looking to replace the the living room carpet or build your dream kitchen, home improvement loans from CLEVR Money could help make it a reality.

home improvement loans

Holiday Loans

Whether its a weekend city break or 2 weeks in the sun, our holiday loans can help get you there.

holiday loans


Car Loans

Our car loans put you in the drivers seat. Whether you are looking to purchase your first car or simply upgrade your existing car, our loans can help.

car loans

Personal Loans

Our personal loans are designed with our members in mind. With fair and affordable interest rates, our members can apply for personal loans to help sort their finances.

personal loans

Borrow More

Already have a loan with CLEVR Money? If you are in need of additional finance, have you considered topping up your loan or taking out an additional loan?

borrow more

Debt Consolidation Loans

Do you have credit with multiple lenders? It could be cheaper to consolidate your debt with a CLEVR Money debt consolidation loan