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Our Holiday Loans Online Keep ‘Getting Away From it All’ Affordable

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As the COVID-19 lockdown stretched into the summer months and beyond, one of the things people missed most of all was the chance to escape somewhere on holiday. Whether it’s a weekend city break, a fortnight by the sea or a few days in the countryside, a change of scenery is one of the best ways of boosting mental well-being and getting over the stress and strain that 2020 has placed on everyone. With the easing of Lockdown measures and the opening of the hospitality industry in July, we’re pleased to be offering holiday loans online to our members.

As things slowly return to some kind of ‘new normal’ many people are expected to take up the opportunity to escape for a while. Applying for one of our holiday loans online means that the likes of a late summer, autumn or winter break suddenly becomes much more affordable. We know how financially difficult the last few months have been for many of our members, with issues over wages or the extra expense incurred by lockdown making it difficult to save up. And for some, a holiday has been the last thing on their minds. But, as things move on, we want our members to be able to afford a holiday if they choose, so we offer holiday loans online for every member of CLEVR Money in a completely ethical manner.

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Being an ethical lender means that we don’t lend money in order to make a profit, but to provide a service to our members and raise the quality of life in our local area. Not having to make a profit means that we can keep the interest rates on our holiday loans online as fair as possible. In addition to this, we work in a completely transparent manner, which means that our members can be certain that our holiday loans online are provided without hidden fees or extra charges in the small print. In addition to this, we treat each member as an individual, only ever lending an amount which we’re sure they’ll be able to pay back safely, and creating payment plans which mean they know exactly how much they’ll be paying every week or month. 

We also try to process our holiday loans online as quickly as possible. Once you’ve given us all of the information we need we’ll make a decision as soon as we can, and if the application is successful then the money will be transferred directly to your account. After this, you’ll be free to shop around for the best deals available. Whether our holiday loans online are used to pay for flights, accommodation or some new suitcases, having the money in your hand will empower you to pick and choose exactly what you need, and then look forward to your trip with complete peace of mind.

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