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Affordable Loans for People with Poor Credit

loans for people with poor credit

It’s pretty difficult to turn on the TV these days without seeing an advert for a service which lets you find out what your credit rating is. The reasons for this aren’t difficult to figure out – a poor credit rating can have a huge impact on your life, affecting everything from borrowing money to renting somewhere to live and even having a mobile phone contract. The good news is that CLEVR Money provides loans for people with poor credit, and they do so in a fair and ethical manner. This means that the loans for people with poor credit that we offer are preferable to many of those provided by other lenders.

There are many reasons why you might have ended up with poor credit. It could be as simple as a couple of catalogue payments, or being unable to repay a payday loan on time when something else unexpected pops up like a failed car MOT or a kitchen appliance giving up the ghost. In some cases, a poor credit rating can come down to the fact that you haven’t accessed credit a great deal in the past, preferring to pay as you go rather than borrow. No matter what the reasons are – and it can often be something from years ago which has little bearing on how you live your life today – loans for people with poor credit often come at a higher cost than those provided to other borrowers.

This cost might take the form of much higher interest rates and extra fees and charges. People with poor credit often assume that this is simply the price they have to pay for taking out a loan, and so end up paying back much more than they really should have to. The truth is that you can borrow fairly even without a great credit rating, by applying for one of the loans for people with poor credit by CLEVR Money.

loans for people with poor credit

The reason why we can offer fair loans for people with poor credit is that we are an ethical lender. This means that we are run on a not-for-profit basis, which allows us to keep our interest rates as fair and affordable as possible. We don’t have to bring in money to pay massive bonuses to a board of directors, so we can concentrate on offering the best deals possible to our members.

As well as fair and affordable interest rates, our loans for people with poor credit come with peace of mind. There are no hidden fees or extra charges buried in the small print. We’ll only ever lend what we think you can afford to pay back, as our loans for people with poor credit are designed to help you out financially without giving you more sleepless nights about paying them back.

Whether you need to get the car fixed, pay for Christmas presents or just deal with a couple of bills before payday, our loans for people with poor credit are here to help you out. Get in touch today and we’ll come to a decision on your loan as quickly as we possibly can.

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