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Our Online Loans are Simple, Quick and Affordable

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While the focus of the nation is on the impact of Covid-19, it could be all too easy to forget about the bills that still need paying. And, even though social distancing measures mean our office in Birley Street is now closed to the public, it is still possible to apply for online loans from CLEVR Money.

If you visit our website you’ll see the huge range of online loans we actually offer. Because we’re a credit union, we can give members the opportunity to borrow money more affordably than many other lenders.

Our online loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes big or small, such buying a car, booking a holiday, and for making home improvement, or for smaller purchases like white goods or Christmas presents.

At the moment, however, we recognise people are hanging on to their cash and reluctant to take loans for major purchases. But we can also provide loans of various sizes to see people through hard times, and we can help people with multiple debts to simplify their payments with a consolidation loan.

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As well as being easy to apply for, our online loans are provided in a way which is completely fair to each and every member. We’re an ethical lender, which means that we work on a not-for-profit basis, and any money we do make is used to make the community around us a better place for the people who live there. The fact that we don’t prioritise profit over people, means that we can keep our interest rates as fair as possible, making our online loans much more affordable than those offered by some other lenders.

Our online loans have fair and affordable interest rates, and are provided in a completely transparent manner. When you apply for one of our online loans you’ll be told what the interest rates will be, the amount of each monthly payment, and the overall amount to pay back.

Unlike some lenders, we don’t have extra fees or hidden charges in the small print. Once you’ve made your application and given us all the information you need, we will process things as quickly as possible and, if you’re application is successful, the money will be transferred into your credit union account. That puts you in the fantastic position of having anything from a few hundred to more than £10,000 available to shop for what you need and negotiate the best deal possible.

We want to support our members through this difficult period, and our online loans are just one of the ways we will do this. We appreciate that it’s not always possible to save for what you need, and we think our members deserve to have financial security, especially in uncertain times.

Our online loans can make all of these things possible.

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