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Our Holiday Finance is an Affordable Answer

holiday finance

As the weather turns warmer it’s hard not to start thinking about your next holiday. Affording the holiday you’d love to take is often easier said than done, however, which is why CLEVR Money members find our holiday finance deals so appealing.

In an ideal world, many people prefer to save up the money needed to pay for a holiday, but we know that this is often simply not possible. The simple cost of day- to- day living makes it hard enough, but when you throw in events like needing to get a car repaired or replace items of furniture, it becomes even more difficult. Borrowing the money can be a straightforward solution, but not all holiday finance loans are equal and you have to be careful not to be sucked into paying high-interest rates that will come back to haunt you long after the holiday tan has faded.

We know many travel operators also offer finance through the ‘book now, pay later’ deals, which can work for some people. But these deals are not always available to everyone and can be restricted to only include some destinations, dates or packages. With our holiday finance, you will have complete freedom of choice and you know you are borrowing from an ethical lender, and that your repayments are going back into the pot to help someone else just like you in the future. This is because we are a locally run co-operative run on a non-profit basis and keep our interest rates fair. It also means that we are completely transparent in the way we offer our holiday finance.

holiday finance

Holiday finance offered by CLEVR Money will put you firmly in the driving seat. When the money is in your bank account you’ll be able to shop around for the best deal and drive the hardest bargain possible. Our holiday finance makes it simple for you to pay up front which is what encourages providers to put together the most attractive packages. If you don’t like what they’re offering you know full well that you can simply walk away and look somewhere else.

You can take out holiday finance safe in the knowledge that you won’t be paying any hidden fees or charges in the small print. On the contrary, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got to pay each month, and how much the total interest will be.

Once you’ve given us the information we need we’ll try to reach a decision as quickly as possible, and when we do the money will be transferred to your account. You’ll then be free to shop around for the best possible deal, whether it’s a package from a travel agent or a holiday you put together yourself. The knowledge that you’ve got the money to pay and can afford the holiday finance we provide, means you can just relax, leaf through a few brochures and start daydreaming about getting away from it all.

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