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Get Back on the Road with our Car Repair Loans

We know how difficult it can be to save for that proverbial rainy day, just making ends meet can often be hard enough. So when the unexpected happens it can really knock your finances for six. Even if you’ve managed to set something aside, an expensive service or breakdown can end up costing much more than you think, which is where our car repair loans can make all the difference.

Keeping a car on the road can be vital, for everything from getting to work, to dropping the kids off at school, doing the weekly shop and travelling to family and friends, that’s why our car repair loans are such a vital resource. It could be that your car failed the MOT and needs a couple of new tyres and the brakes replacing.  Or maybe you turned the ignition key one morning and absolutely nothing happened. Or it could be something more serious like an accident. No matter what the problem is, our car repair loans could be the answer to getting you up and running again.

Car repair loans from CLEVR Money can be as much or as little as you need, from enough to replace a couple of tyres all the way up to being able to fund a new gear system. Once you’ve found out exactly how much you need, you can come to us safe in the knowledge that our car repair loans are provided in a completely ethical manner.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our interest rates are kept as fair as possible because our primary aim is to help our members, not simply to make money, and our car repair loans are an excellent example of this. CLEVR Money car repair loans are also provided with no hidden charges in the small print or extra fees, so you’ll have the security of knowing exactly how much you’re going to pay back in total, and what and when every single repayment will be. We know that getting back on the road can be an urgent necessity, so we process our car repair loans as quickly as possible. Once you’ve filled out our forms we’ll make a decision as quickly as we can and, if successful, the money will be transferred directly to your account. Then you’re free to get the work carried out and get back on the road. Our car repair loans can help you to keep your life running smoothly without losing sleep over how you’ll pay the money back. 

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