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Hit the Road With a CLEVR Money New Car Loan

At one time the credit union was seen as a place to save a few pounds each week and take out a small loan to help make ends meet. These days, credit unions offer a whole lot more. Modern banking facilities, 24-hour online access, contemporary high street branches, and staffed by professional personal finance experts, the 21st-century credit union has a lot to offer its members. Providing a wide range of responsible loan products, where interest rates are capped to ensure affordability, CLEVR Money is exactly that kind of modern ethical credit union, which makes us the perfect lender for a new car loan

2 women in a car boot laughing

We know how important a car can be to the lives of our members, and that’s why we’re offering responsible new car loans.

Anyone with children can be forgiven for feeling like they’re merely a taxi service, while life may have ground to a halt during 2020, we can be certain that before too long mums and dads will once again be ferrying their offspring to football clubs, dance lessons, karate classes and a million and one other unmissable appointments. 

And for many people, a reliable car is vital to simply get to work on time each day, do the big weekly shop, visit friends and family, and explore the UK when the Staycation market reopens. So a new car loan of up to £15,000 can make all the difference, whether you need to upgrade to a bigger family model, replace an ageing vehicle or purchase your first set of wheels.

A new car loan from CLEVR Money is provided in a completely ethical manner. We are a not-for-profit organisation with fair interest rates, and operate in a completely transparent manner – there are no extra fees or hidden charges on a new car loan from CLEVR Money. And, unlike many lenders, we won’t penalise you if you find yourself able to pay the loan off ahead of schedule.

We work closely with our members to make sure that the new car loan they take out is affordable, and that they understand exactly how much each repayment will be and what the overall amount of interest adds up to.

Once you’ve given us all the information we need we’ll process your new car loan application as quickly as possible.

If accepted, this puts you in the extremely powerful position of being able to shop around for just the right car, safe in the knowledge that you can make a full cash offer and drive the hardest bargain possible.

Rather than having to accept the finance options offered by a dealer, you can pay in full up-front with your new car loan, and maybe even haggle for extras like a full tank of petrol and a set of car mats. If you want to get behind the wheel for the first time or upgrade a car that’s seen better days then a new car loan from CLEVR Money is the affordable, ethical, stress-free way of making it happen.

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