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Hit the Road With CLEVR Money Bad Credit Car Loans

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive purchases that most people ever make. For the lucky few it’s simply a case of flashing the platinum credit card, but for the vast majority of people it’s a major undertaking that requires a lot of thinking about. Purchasing a car you’ll be able to rely on for some time usually involves taking out credit of one form or another, and for people with a bad credit history this can be a huge problem. The good news is that the bad credit car loans at CLEVR Money are affordable and ethical.

bad credit loan

Bad credit car loans make it possible for people with a poor credit rating to enjoy the advantages of owning a car. Here at CLEVR Money we understand that there are many and varied reasons why people might have a poor credit rating. It could date from a time in the past when you struggled to juggle your finances or had to borrow at high interest rates to make ends meet. In some cases a person’s credit rating can be poor simply because they haven’t accessed credit very much in the past. Our bad credit car loans treat our members as individuals not numbers on a computer screen, and we lend whatever we feel they will be comfortable repaying in their current circumstances.

Bad credit car loans are vitally important to our members because, in the modern world, a car is often a necessity rather than a luxury. Public transport is often expensive and unreliable, especially for commuters trying to get into work on time. The services we need to use every day like shops, banks and leisure facilities can be located many miles away from our homes. And if you’ve got kids, then you’ll face the demands of their transport needs, taking them to and from school, sports clubs, the cinema or a friends house for example, and that’s why we feel our bad credit car loans perform a vital service for our members.

We are an ethical lender which means that, like everything else we do, our bad credit car loans are offered on a not-for-profit basis. This means that our loans don’t come with extras, such as fees and charges hidden in the small print.

When people take out bad credit car loans with us then what they see is what they get. They know exactly how much they’re borrowing, what the regular repayments will be and how much they’ll be paying back in total.

Once you’ve given us all of the information we need we’ll process your application as quickly as possible, and if the loan is approved the money will be transferred to your bank account. Then you’ll be free to shop around for the best deal possible, armed with the bargaining power of having the cash to put down there and then, and drive the new car of your dreams away from the showroom.

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