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A Holiday Loan Could Make All the Difference

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It’s that time of year when most people start to think about planning their summer holiday. It may seem like a long way off, but the earlier you start planning, the better the holiday is likely to be, and if you’re worried about paying for your dream holiday then we might just have the solution, in the shape of a holiday loan.

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A holiday loan could make the difference between staying at home or getting away for a few days, it could help to fund the trip of a lifetime or it could mean extra spending money for when you’re away. We think our members deserve to have the kind of holiday they want, and a holiday loan could help to make that happen no matter what you’ve got planned.

When you take out a holiday loan with CLEVR money you know you’re borrowing from an ethical lender. For starters, that means we’ll never lend you more money than we think you can afford to pay back. After all, there’s no point using your holiday loan to pay for a wonderful holiday if it means you spend the rest of the year being stressed over how you’re going to pay it back. At CLEVR Money we get to know our members and treat them as individuals, so the amount of any holiday loan, as well as the payment plan, will be tailored to meet your personal circumstances.

Being an ethical lender also means that our holiday loan will be provided with the fairest possible interest rate. We run on a not for profit basis, so any money we do make is put back into improving the local community and the lives of our members. Taking out a holiday loan with an ethical lender also means being certain that you won’t have to deal with hidden fees in the small print or extra charges, because what you see is exactly what you get when you take out a holiday loan with us. This transparent way of working means that you’ll know exactly what each repayment will be, how much you’ll have to pay back in total and how much of that total is made up of interest charges.

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We’ve made it as simple as possible to apply for a holiday loan, and you can work through the whole process online, simply providing the information we need to process your application. Once we’ve got that information we’ll reach a decision as quickly as possible, and if the holiday loan is approved then the money will be transferred straight into your account. Having the holiday loan in your account puts you in the ideal position of being able to shop around for the best possible deal, looking for value in terms of things like flights, hotel rooms or holiday let rentals, and choosing exactly what you want rather than having to settle for what you can afford.

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