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Take the Stress Out of Paying for Your Summer Holiday

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If you’re already looking forward to your summer holiday then there’s a very good chance you’ve started saving and wondering about exactly how much it’s going to cost you. We know from experience that many of our members try to save as much as possible toward the cost of a holiday during the course of a year, but we also know how tricky saving enough money for a summer holiday can be. All too often unexpected expenses or emergency spending can eat into the savings you’ve managed to build up, leaving you with a shortfall when it comes to spending on your summer holiday.

That’s where CLEVR Money can come to the rescue. If you’re a member, you can apply for a loan that could make all the difference when it comes to planning, booking and paying for your summer holiday. Perhaps you’re looking forward to a staycation, sampling the beauty of the British countryside or spending a week soaking up the sun in a traditional seaside down. Alternatively you might be looking forward to a European break, planning a stay in a city such as Paris, Barcelona or Prague, now that travelling to Europe is easier than it has been for the past few years. No matter what kind of summer holiday you’ve got planned, a loan could take the stress out of making arrangements and leave you free to concentrate on the fun aspects, such as deciding how much sun cream you’re going to need.

Taking out a CLEVR Money loan for your summer holiday means borrowing from an ethical lender and that means enjoying complete peace of mind. The fact that we’re an ethical lender means that we’ll never lend you more money that we honestly think you can afford to pay back, because we don’t think you’ll properly enjoy your summer holiday if you spend lots of time wondering how you’re going to meet the repayments when you get back home. Ethical lending also means operating on a not for profit basis, which enables us to keep the interest rates we charge as low as possible, and also to guarantee no hidden fess in the loan agreement, or extra charges hidden in the small print.

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Once you’ve provided all of the information we need we’ll deal with your loan approval as quickly as possible. We know how stressful it can be to have to wait too long for a loan, so if your application is approved we’ll transfer the money in question directly to your bank account. Whether you’re borrowing enough to pay for the whole of your summer holiday, or just an amount to make sure that you’ll have all the spending money you need, a CLEVR Money loan could help to make your staycation or European break a holiday to remember. When you get back home you can look back on your summer holiday safe in the knowledge that, with help from CLEVR Money, you’ve got the cost of it covered.

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