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Tips for Reducing the Cost of Your Summer Holiday

On a cold, damp, February day, there’s nothing like lifting your spirits by booking a summer holiday.

booking holiday waiting for flight

However, it can be an expensive business, once flights, transfers, accommodation, spending money and insurance is taken into account. It’s also a well-known fact that travelling during the school holidays can increase costs, by up to nine times in some cases.

In the long run, by spending a bit of time researching and planning, you can significantly reduce the cost of your holiday.

Consider the day of the week you’ll be travelling, as you can often make big savings by flying mid-week. Also, the cost of flying out of the UK varies depending on which airport you’re departing from, so be flexible if you can.

Use the wide range of price comparison websites to ensure you get the best deal and follow your favourite tour operators and airlines on social media, as they can often be found posting details of their latest offers.

Be sure to sign-up for email newsletters too, as travel companies often offer exclusive deals to their subscribers.

At CLEVR Money we offer low-cost, affordable loans which can be ideal when you need a bit of help to fund your holiday, without the worry of expensive, high interest rates weighing down your suitcase.

sand and beach

Whether you’re planning a summer break with the family or the trip of a lifetime, we provide a range of loan products to suit your needs.

As a credit union, we’re able to offer some of the fairest interest rates because we operate as a non-profit lender, so the money is reinvested or shared with our members.

Don’t forget, our ‘Beat the banks’ promise means that if a high street bank offers you a lower rate on a loan under £5,000, we’ll match it - so you really can’t lose by coming to us first.

Remove the stress from securing your holiday finances and email or visit (and don’t forget to send us a postcard).

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