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Fixing up your finances this February

personal loan fixing finances

We have weathered some big storms here on the Fylde Coast but Storm Ciara has been the worst we’ve seen for a long while.

Everyone in the office has been pretty lucky, thank goodness, with no damage to our homes or to the CLEVR Money branch in Birley Street.

But we know that’s not necessarily the case for everyone and we want to send our very best wishes for anyone that has been badly affected. Hopefully any damage will be covered by their home or car insurance and everything will be sorted out in good time.

If there is an immediate need to fix or replace something, however, the credit union is here to provide fair and affordable loans for people in our local community. Just get in touch to see what help we can offer.

And for those still weathering the post-Christmas financial storm, please come and talk to us about a CLEVR Money consolidation loan. January saw many new members joining the credit union to seek help with their debt problems.

A consolidation loan means we can pay off lots of other debts and wrap everything up into one payment. That makes it easier to repay one single loan rather than try to juggle multiple debts with store cards, credit cards, payday and doorstep lenders for example.

Whatever mess you’re facing - whether it's the aftermath of Storm Ciara or debts that have got out of hand - come and speak to one of our friendly team and we’ll do our best to help you to get things straight.

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