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Take Control With a Debt Consolidation Loan

The start of a New Year marks the point at which many people make resolutions designed to transform their lives. While you may stop going to the gym by mid-February, and your diet doesn’t last much longer, debt consolidation is one New Year change that can have a long-term positive effect.

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No matter how much you try to save to afford those unexpected expenses, there’s no getting away from the fact that you might have to borrow money from time to time. During an era when prices seem to grow faster than wages it can be hard to put aside the cash for things like car repairs, replacing kitchen appliances and school uniforms. Borrowing money as the need arises can lead to the complication of having to juggle a number of repayment plans, but debt consolidation can provide the answer to this problem.

Debt consolidation consists of taking out one loan, which covers all of your current debts, turning multiple repayments into just one. The problems caused by having to make a number of repayments every month – to a bank, credit card, catalogue company and doorstep lender, for example – can be numerous. Keeping track of when payments are due, how much you have to actually pay, and how much is left on the loan, can be incredibly difficult, and making a mistake can lead to a spiral of more debt as missed payments incur even more charges. Debt consolidation makes matters massively simpler, and arranging your loan with CLEVR Money means the added advantage of dealing with an ethical lender.

As an an ethical lender we work on a not for profit basis. We don’t have to bring in money to pay shareholders or fund executive bonus payments, so we can concentrate on helping our account holders. We do this by keeping interest rates on our debt consolidation loans fair and affordable. In addition to this, we offer the same fantastic rates to absolutely everyone who borrows from us. The advertised rate is the only rate you’ll ever be asked to pay, and we can guarantee there won’t be any other fees, charges or penalties hidden in the small print.

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We also pride ourselves on dealing with account holders as individuals. When you come to us for a debt consolidation loan we’ll only ever lend an amount we think you can afford to pay back, at a rate which won’t leave you struggling elsewhere in your life. Once you’ve given us all of the information we need, we’ll process your application swiftly. If your debt consolidation loan is approved, the money will be transferred to your account. We can even look after the complicated part of paying off those other debts for you.

We pride ourselves on providing an ethical, useful and convenient service for our account holders. A debt consolidation loan from us will enable you to simplify your finances and take firm control of the amount of money that you’re paying out every month. That’s one New Year resolution that’s definitely worth making.

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