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Ask About Our Personal Loans for Bad Credit

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Here at CLEVR Money we understand how hard it can be to get personal loans for bad credit. There are many reasons why a person might end up with a bad credit rating, it could be that they had to borrow money in the past and found themselves struggling to meet the repayments. It may also be that they happen to be working in a low paid job, or one which doesn’t offer the security of a permanent contract and regular wages. In some cases, a person’s credit rating can be bad simply because they haven’t borrowed money in the past, and in any one of these circumstances the personal loans for bad credit offered by CLEVR Money may be the ideal solution.

All too often, people with a bad credit rating find themselves having to borrow from the likes of payday lenders. While these organisations might be willing to lend to them, the problem is that the interest rates they charge are extremely high, and this can often trap people into a spiral of borrowing and an ever growing debt problem. The good news for our members is that the personal loans for bad credit offered by CLEVR Money are provided in an ethical manner, which makes them affordable and effective.

As a not for profit, ethical lender, we offer personal loans for bad credit on a fair basis. Because we don’t have to generate a profit to fund dividend payments for external shareholders or executive bonuses, we can put all our efforts into keeping our interest rates affordable. When we offer personal loans for bad credit we want to be certain that the borrower will be able to cope with the repayment plan we put in place. We’ll work with you on a one to one basis and come up with a loan which is affordable and offers peace of mind.


We guarantee that there will be no hidden charges or extra fees buried in the small print of our loan agreements. When you arrange personal loans for bad credit with CLEVR Money you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay back each month and what the repayment plan will be.

Once all the relevant information has been supplied, we try to reach a decision on personal loans for bad credit as quickly as possible. If the loan is approved, we’ll transfer the money directly to your bank account, leaving you in the position of being able to spend it as you wish, safe in the knowledge that you can afford to make the repayments. We know that a bad credit rating is often very difficult to avoid, and our personal loans for bad credit offer the first step toward rebuilding your credit rating, as well as providing an affordable solution to your spending needs.

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