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Come to CLEVR Money For the Ethical Alternative to Cash Loans

The start of summer is usually welcomed but the warmer weather can often mean a greater strain on the purse strings. A day out to the park or the beach rarely ends without an ice cream when the sun is shining, and an impromptu day trip can see parents shelling out for a bucket and spade or a ball for a kick about. The holidays and bank holidays in particular can put the pressure on, if only because the good weather usually requires buying new sunscreen, hats, and summer clothes, particularly for growing little ones. And, if it’s raining, an afternoon at soft play or an outing to the cinema often costs more than you think. In fact, no matter what you choose, when the kids are off school it’s bound to cost money. We find that many of our members opt to take out cash loans at this time of year to cover the little every day costs the summer brings.

cash loan

In an ideal world we’d all save enough to pay for summer treats, but here at CLEVR Money we know how difficult that can be when your income is being squeezed from all sides. Even people on a good income or with more than one job can find it difficult to make ends meet, and cash loans can make all the difference when it comes to affording those little things that help make summer memorable. We know that borrowing can lead to debt problems, but we also know that a loan with CLEVR Money is a far better option than taking cash loans from high street, payday and doorstep lenders.

This is because, first and foremost, we’re an ethical lender. That means that, unlike the providers of most other cash loans, we don’t lend money in order to make a profit. Our members know that our loans are provided to help people improve their lives by borrowing in an affordable and stress-free manner. Unlike most cash loans, our loans come with interest rates which are as fair as possible.

The same applies to the issue of charges and fees. Put simply, we don’t add any on to your loan repayments. You won’t find any nasty surprises hidden in our small print, and when you take out a loan to us we’ll make sure you understand exactly how much you’ll be repaying and how long it will take you.

cash loan

We understand that our members may turn to cash loans because they need some extra money at short notice. That’s why we deal with every application as quickly as possible. Once you’ve given us the information we need, we’ll reach a decision as soon as we can and if the loan is approved the money will be transferred to your account. Rain or shine, borrowing from CLEVR Money is the ethical alternative to most of the cash loans you can take out. Please come and talk to us first if you’re considering taking a cash loan with any other provider and let us prove to you that we can give you a better deal.

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