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CLEVR Money is the Holiday Loans Credit Union For You

holiday loan credit union

Summer has arrived and for many of us so has holiday envy! At CLEVR Money we believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy a well-deserved break. We know from working with our members that the issue of saving enough money to take a family away for a week or two can be extremely difficult. That’s why we call ourselves the holiday loans credit union. We think our members deserve to have a great holiday as much as anyone else and the ethical loans we provide help to make sure that happens.

As a holiday loans credit union we understand that simply saving up for a holiday is easier said than done. The sheer number of demands placed on the average family makes it incredibly difficult to put money to one side, whether you’re planning a week by the sea in the UK or a trip to the sun. As a holiday loans credit union we make it possible for our members to build up sufficient funds without having to worry about how they can afford to pay the loan back.

holiday loans credit union

We can make that promise because we’re an ethical holiday loans credit union. That means that we’re run on a not for profit basis, so we don’t have to pay a dividend to outside shareholders or bonuses to executives. We can keep interest rates fair, making the loans we provide much more affordable than those given out by many other lenders.

As a holiday loans credit union we’ll work with you to draw up a repayment plan which we’re sure you can afford. We’ll never lend you more than we think you should borrow, and always work with you to make sure you know exactly how much each repayment is going to be. We also guarantee no hidden charges or extra fees on the loan, making sure that you know exactly what the situation is at each stage of the process.

We call ourselves the holiday loans credit union because we keep things as simple as possible, leaving you free to get on with the enjoyable job of planning your holiday. Once you’ve given us the information we ask for, we’ll reach a decision as quickly as possible, and if the application is successful your loan will be transferred into your bank account immediately. That puts you in the position of being able to shop around for the best deal possible, safe in the knowledge that you have the money in your account to grab any bargains you spot.

Whether you need a few extra pounds to spend on sun cream and swimming costumes, or the cost of flights and a hotel, get in touch with CLEVR Money, the holiday loans credit union, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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