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CLEVR Money Holiday Loans To Get You Packing

It’s that time of year when you can’t help but start thinking about getting away for a while.

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There can’t be many people who don’t want to escape everyday life for a holiday somewhere different, and if you’ve got kids then you’re bound to want to treat them as well. Paying for a holiday is easier said than done, however, especially with all the other demands on people’s money. After necessities it can be hard to find the money to save to go on holiday, but the good news is that CLEVR Money holiday loans are here to make it happen.

In the past, you might have hesitated before looking into holiday loans because you were worried about paying high rates of interest and leaving yourself with just another debt to worry about. The holiday loans at CLEVR Money don’t come with those kinds of problems, however. We’re a Credit Union, which means we lend money in an ethical manner.

To begin with, we’re a not for profit organisation and we’re owned by our members. That means we don’t have to bring in money to pay share dividends or top up the directors bonus pot. It also means that any money we do make is used to help the local community and to provide services to our account holders.

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Take a look at the holiday loans we offer and you’ll see that the interest rates are lower than you’re likely to find anywhere else. We even promise that if a High Street bank offers you a lower rate on a loan of less than £5,000, we’ll match it. Perhaps even more importantly, we offer the same interest rates to all of our account holders, so the figure you see quoted is the figure you’re going to pay. We don’t believe in hidden charges, set-up fees or fines for paying your loan off early. What we do believe in is complete transparency- you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying back, how often payments will be made and how much of those payments go towards interest. Even if you have a relatively poor credit history there’s a chance you’ll be able to borrow from us, and unlike other lenders we won’t penalise you for the fact.

Once you’ve taken out one of our holiday loans you can relax and start leafing through your travel brochures. We won’t lend you more than we honestly believe you can pay back, and we’ll help you to shape a payment schedule that fits into your finances. The application process is quick and simple, and you’ll be dealing with a supportive member of our team rather than some distant call centre.

We know that our members work hard for their money and look forward to the chance of putting their feet up for a while every now and then. We like to think our holiday loans make that just a bit easier and bring enjoyable breaks within reach of far more people than would otherwise be the case. Get in touch with us today, and well help to turn that dream holiday into a reality.

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