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The Best Debt Consolidation Loans From an Ethical Lender

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Our loans officers work very closely with our members to get to know them and understand their  individual circumstances, and one thing we find time and again is just how difficult so many people find keeping track of multiple debts. Lots of people find themselves needing to borrow money from a range of sources, from a bank loan to a payday lender, catalogue or credit card, and keeping track of the multiple repayments due can be extremely complex. That’s why we offer the best debt consolidation loans, making it easy for our members to simplify their debt management and avoid falling behind with repayments.

These are the best debt consolidation loans because they make it as simple as possible for our members. When you’re dealing with multiple repayments to different lenders it can be all too easy to forget exactly which date of the month each payment falls due. If one payment is missed then charges and interest are added to the overall amount, before long the debts are mounting, causing extreme stress and costing a great deal of money. The best debt consolidation loans stop this happening by pulling all the money that is owed into one simple repayment, making it much simpler to keep track of exactly how much is left to pay back.

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The reason why we’re able to offer the best debt consolidation loans is that we are an ethical not-for-profit community-focussed organisation. This means that we keep our interest rates as low as possible, because we don’t lend money with the sole intention of making a profit. We make sure our loan agreements are as clear and transparent as possible. We don’t include hidden fees or extra charges in the small print, and every one of our best debt consolidation loans comes with the same extremely fair interest rates.

The amount of money we lend will be calculated to enable you to clear your multiple debts with other lenders, and the repayment plan created will be tailored to you to be entirely affordable. The best debt consolidation loans allow you to say goodbye to the stress of sleepless nights trying to remember what you owe and to whom, and replace them with the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much your single weekly or monthly payment will be, and the amount you’ll be paying back in total.

We keep the process of applying for the best debt consolidation loans as quick and simple as possible. We treat each member as an individual, and once the right information has been provided we process the application as quickly as possible. The amount being borrowed will then be transferred directly to your bank account, putting you in the appealing position of being able to clear all your debts and pay the amount back via just one regular payment. We understand why our members need to borrow money from time to time – whether it’s to buy school uniforms, fund a holiday or replace a car – and we think they should be able to do it without stress and anxiety. The best debt consolidation loans are designed to make sure that this is exactly what they can do.

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