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Come to CLEVR Money for Ethical Debt Solutions

debt solutions

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can also be a period which forces many people to look into a variety of debt solutions. The reason why debt solutions can play a large part at Christmas isn’t really hard to understand - after all, organising Christmas is an expensive business. If you’ve got kids you’ll know all about the challenge of buying the latest ‘must-have’ gifts and trendy toys, and even if your kids are all grown up you’ll still probably want to splash out a bit on extra food and drink to treat yourself and your loved ones over the festive period. Of course, for some people, the expense involved is even larger, with Christmas decorations actually extending to revamping parts of their home ahead of the seasonal visitors arriving, plus the added expense of hosting friends and family. The exact nature of the spending is one thing, but what can’t be denied is that funding Christmas often costs more money than you have access to, and that’s where debt solutions come into play.

Many people find even thinking about debt solutions while planning Christmas is just too stressful, and it’s easy to see why. All too many debt solutions, particularly those available to people on slightly lower incomes or with less than perfect credit records, involve high rates of interest and repayment plans that are difficult to afford. The result is that people who borrow money to get through Christmas can often then suffer stress and sleepless nights over how to meet the repayments in January and throughout the rest of the following year. That’s not to say that borrowing money to get through Christmas is the wrong thing to do, of course, just that you have to seek out debt solutions which are tailored to the requirements of ordinary people. Here at CLEVR Money, that’s exactly what we offer our members.

debt solutions

We’re an ethical lender working on a non-profit basis. That means that, unlike many other organisations offering debt solutions, we don’t set our interest rates in order to claw back the maximum amount from the people we lend money to. Instead, we work to keep interest rates as fair as possible, and any surplus money we do have is put back into the local community to improve the lives and well-being of our members and their families. As well as offering fair interest rates, our debt solutions are provided in a completely transparent manner. We make sure that every person who borrows from us knows exactly how much the loan will cost in overall terms, and how their individual repayment plan will work. We also guarantee no hidden fees, charges or penalties in the small print, so that members can borrow money for Christmas safe in the knowledge that our debt solutions are fair and affordable. We deal with every application as quickly as possible, and as soon as a loan is approved the money will be paid into your account. Here at CLEVR Money, we offer debt solutions that work without becoming part of the problem.

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