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Hit the Road With a Bicycle Loan From CLEVR Money

Here at CLEVR Money we pride ourselves on responding to the evolving requirements of our members. Throughout the current pandemic we’ve worked to keep our services up and running in as safe a manner as possible, and we’re now busy developing loan products that reflect the new normal of life as lockdown eases. One of these is the new bicycle loan, designed to make it as easy as possible for our members to take to two wheels and hit the open road.

woman on bike

The new bicycle loan reflects the growing popularity of cycling during lockdown, as many people have enjoyed getting out and about on their bike as a form of exercise. And, in the months to come, it’s likely that even more will take to the two wheels in order to avoid using crowded public transport as recommended by the government. The benefits of using a bicycle to get around – travelling to and from work for example – are numerous. Cycling is extremely beneficial in terms of fitness, indeed according to the British Heart Foundation, cycling for just 20 miles per week reduces a person’s risk of heart disease to less than half that of those who don’t take exercise.

A bicycle loan could actually be as an investment that helps you to save money, since a bike comes without road tax, has much lower maintenance bills and doesn’t have to be topped up with fuel on a regular basis. And of course by riding a bicycle rather than driving a car, or even taking public transport, you’ll be doing your bit to help save the planet by reducing damaging emissions.

bike parked

If you need a bicycle loan from CLEVR Money in order to replace an old bike that’s seen better days, or to invest in your first bike, we can lend you the money you need in a genuinely ethical manner. Being an ethical lender means not working for profit, but instead keeping our interest rates as fair as possible, so that every bicycle loan will be affordable, particularly when compared to the rates charged by other lenders or retail stores which offer their own finance.

Whether you need a simple bike to get from A to B or something more advanced to start training like the next Bradley Wiggins, we’ll create a payment plan that’s genuinely affordable.

Everything we do is done in a completely transparent manner, so you can be certain that your bicycle loan comes without hidden fees or extra charges in the small print and that you won’t, as is often the case, be penalised for early repayment. Instead, you’ll know exactly how much interest you’ll be charged, and how much you’ll be paying each week or month.

When you come to us for a bicycle loan we’ll work as quickly as possible to make it happen. Once you’ve given us all the information we require, and if the loan is approved, we’ll transfer the money into your account, putting you in the position of being able to shop around for the best bike at the best price.

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