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Take out an Online Personal Loan at a Fair Interest Rate

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When you take out an online personal loan with CLEVR Money you can relax in the knowledge that you’re borrowing from an ethical lender. That means that we run the organisation in a fair and transparent way, prioritising the service we provide for our members over making a profit. That’s why any online personal loan you take out with us will have the fairest possible interest rates.

We keep the interest rates on any personal loan as affordable as possible because we operate on a not-for-profit basis. Our members are part of our community, and the service we provide aims to support that local community as much as possible and help them to take out an online personal loan for a wide variety of purposes. If a member needs some extra cash to purchase school uniforms or replace an item of kitchen hardware, we can make that happen. If they need to fund a family holiday, purchase a new car or take on an extensive home improvement project, we can help here too. And some members choose to take out an online personal loan to consolidate their existing debts, turning multiple debts into one simple monthly payment. 

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As well as keeping our interest rates as fair as possible, we’ve made the process of applying for an online personal loan quick and simple. One key advantage of taking out an personal loan with an ethical lender like CLEVR Money is that you know for certain exactly what you’ll be paying back per month, and how much the loan will cost you in total. We don’t surprise our members with hidden fees or extra charges in the small print, and we never make a loan arrangement that we don’t think a member will be able to keep up with.

Once you’ve given us the information we ask for, we’ll make a decision on your online personal loan as quickly as possible. If the loan is approved then the money will be transferred into your bank account, giving you the spending power you need and the security of knowing that your borrowing is affordable.   

During a difficult period, such as that we’re experiencing at the moment in dealing with Covid-19, the community becomes more important than ever. Our online personal loan facility is one of the ways we help our members, making sure we’re on hand to help, putting money back into the local community to help make it a better place to live, work and raise a family. 

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