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Consolidation Loans From CLEVR Money can Put Your Finances Back on Track

debt consolidation loan

The start of a new year is often the time when people sit down and take a long hard look at their finances. The expense of Christmas can make things looks a little bleak and, as the credit card and store credit bills start to come in, it can be all too easy to start panicking about paying everything back. The good news is that CLEVR Money offer consolidation loans that can make things much simpler.

Consolidation loans work by providing one single amount of money to pay off the various debts which you might currently be dealing with. These could be credit card debts, payday loan debts, store credit debts or even traditional bank loans. Whatever type of debt you’re dealing with, problems can soon start to develop when you’re dealing with several different lenders at one time. Even if you can afford the individual repayments, juggling numerous lenders and payment dates can be a recipe for disaster, as you only have to forget to pay one and you soon find the interest fees and charges will begin piling up. The consolidation loans we offer can make sure this doesn’t happen by turning multiple repayments into one simple payment, and the added advantage is that our consolidation loans come from an ethical lender.

Being an ethical lender means that we operate on a not-for-profit basis. We don’t have to set high interest rates to bring in as much money as possible, which means we can charge our members the fairest possible rate, while any money we do generate is used to reinvest back into the local community. Being an ethical lender also means that our consolidation loans are simple to understand and completely transparent. There are no extra charges or hidden fees in the small print of our loan agreements, so once you sign on the dotted line you’ll know exactly what you’re going to be paying every month and in total.

The advantage of consolidation loans is the peace of mind which they bring. In one go, numerous existing debts are cleared and instead of having to worry about multiple payments scattered throughout the month, and the stress of dealing with numerous different lenders, you simply have to make one regular repayment to CLEVR Money. We never lend our members more than we think they can afford to pay back and set up payment plans that are affordable and reasonable, so more than anything else our consolidation loans offer the chance to relax and put an end to the stress and sleepless nights.

Once you’ve given us the information we need we’ll reach a decision as quickly as possible, and our consolidation loans are transferred into your account as soon as possible. That means you’re free to settle your debts and look forward to 2020 in the knowledge that the only lender you’re dealing with is the ethical CLEVR Money.

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