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A Christmas Top Up Loan Could Make all the Difference

If the idea of Christmas fills you more with dread than festive cheer this year, maybe we can help.

At a time when inflation has reached double figures and many people’s wages have failed to keep up, we know how hard it’s been to put aside money to cover the cost of the festive season. If you're worried about getting caught out by things costing more than you thought, speak to us about how our Christmas top up loan could help.

woman making christmas themed gingerbread

A Christmas top up loan could make all the difference if you find the presents you want to buy for the kids cost more now than they did earlier in the year. Or that inflation has driven the cost of food and drink higher than you were budgeting for. We also know that trying to save through the year for Christmas becomes even more difficult when unexpected costs such as a new washing machine or a hefty vet bill rise up at just the wrong time of year. That’s why we’re reminding our members that a small Christmas top up loan from CLEVR Money could ease the stress and make the difference between ‘just about’ affording Christmas and things being a bit more comfortable.

A Christmas top up loan could ensure you don’t feel the need to turn to any other form of credit, like a Payday loan, a high street or doorstep lender. Whatever the money is needed for, a Christmas top up loan from CLEVR Money could be the responsible answer to the problem. You can be reassured when it comes to taking out a Christmas top up loan that you’re borrowing from an ethical lender. We exist to help people avoid bad debt, not to make huge profits, and are proud serve our members and the wider community. From your point of view, if you take out a Christmas top up loan it means you can be certain the interest rates we charge are as fair as possible. And a CLEVR Money Christmas top up loan comes without hidden fees or extra charges in the small print, and with a clear explanation of how much each repayment will be, how much you’ll pay back in total, and what percentage of that total is made up of the interest being charged.

We treat our members with the utmost respect and won’t offer a Christmas top up loan which you can’t afford to pay back. If approved for a Christmas top up loan, we will transfer the money directly to your account, giving you freedom to make your own choices this holiday season. Knowing you can afford what you need today, and can pay back the Christmas top up loan gradually in the new year, may help bring a little bit of that special sparkle back to your celebrations.

*Representative example. Borrowing £1,000 over 12 months will cost £100.47. Total amount repayable is £1,205.64 which includes interest at 42.6% APR. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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