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Our Loan Repayment Calculator Helps to Make Borrowing Easier

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There are many reasons why people might need to borrow money. It can be a convenient way to fund a treat like a couple of weeks in the sun or a new three-piece suite, or a necessity needed boost to the family coffers when school uniforms have to be bought, or a kitchen appliance needs replacing. No matter how much money you need, and what you need to borrow for, the loan repayment calculator at the CLEVR Money website is a quick and easy way of making sure you know exactly what you’ll be paying back over how long.

Our loan repayment calculator is just one indication of our commitment to being an ethical lender. Being an ethical lender means working on a not-for-profit basis, something which allows us to keep our interest rates as low as possible. It also means working in a completely transparent and user-friendly manner, and our calculator is a big part of this. All too often, people who need to borrow money can find themselves struggling to keep up with the kind of jargon used when it comes to interest rates and repayments. Our loan repayment calculator is so simple to use and is just one of the many things we do to make things easy to understand for our members.

When you use the loan repayment calculator you can quickly put together a loan arrangement that meets your individual requirements. Just move the top slider along until you reach the amount of money you want to borrow. Then move the lower slider to increase or decrease the length of the loan. The loan repayment calculator will automatically work out and display how much the monthly repayments will be. If it’s more than you can comfortably repay per month, you can simply choose a lower amount or a longer repayment term. The loan repayment calculator will also show how much the total repayment will be and what interest rate you’ll be charged. Once you’ve got these figures you can tweak and alter the calculator as much as you wish, perhaps borrowing a little less or more or altering the length of time you want to spend paying it back.

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Although the final figure could alter slightly, depending upon the final amount borrowed and your individual status, the loan repayment calculator is an incredibly useful tool for gaining an insight into how much you can probably afford to borrow and how long you will be repaying that loan.

The loan repayment calculator is typical of our commitment to keeping our members fully informed when they borrow money from us. We work in a completely transparent manner, with no hidden charges or extra fees in the small print. We deal with every application as quickly as possible and, if the loan is approved, the money will be paid into your account, leaving you free to get on with the rest of your life with just a bit more financial freedom.

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