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Our Christmas Loans Online Keep Things Simple

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Although the longer term impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are incredibly difficult to predict, and the situation seeming to change on a daily basis, there are a few things which are safe to assume. We’re fairly sure that people will continue to spend a lot of their time online. Even if restrictions are finally lifted and high street shopping returns, the convenience of online access still has its appeal, and that includes the option of applying for one of our Christmas loans online.

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We’ve made applying for our Christmas loans online as quick and simple as possible. We understand that, while many of our members may be used to working online and dealing with technology, some may still be fairly new to it. So we’ve simplified the process and made sure it still allows us to treat every member as an individual in their own right.

Our Christmas loans online can be used for any number of things. In some cases it might make up a shortfall of money caused by the uncertain employment landscape, and will allow our members to give their families a Christmas to look forward to at the end of what has often been a difficult year. Some members might take out one of our Christmas loans online in order to redecorate their home in time for the festivities, while for others it will be a top-up to fund the delicious food and drink that makes this time of the year so special. No matter why you take out our Christmas loans online you can be certain that you’re borrowing from a truly ethical lender.

Being an ethical lender means that we work on a not for profit basis. Our interest rates are kept as affordable and fair as possible because we want to help our members and the wider community, rather than simply working to profit distant shareholders. Being ethical also means that our Christmas loans online are provided in a completely transparent manner. Each member will know exactly how much they’ll be paying back in total, and what each affordable monthly or weekly repayment will be, and they can relax in the knowledge that there are no hidden fees or extra penalty charges in the small print of their loan agreement. We don’t see the point of providing Christmas loans online if our members are going to be spending the New Year worrying about meeting the repayments, so we work with you to make sure the loan works for you.

Christmas tree with people in santa hats

If you explore our website you’ll see exactly how simple we’ve made everything, and that includes applying for our Christmas loans online. Once you’ve provided the information we ask for we’ll make a decision as quickly as possible, and if the loan is approved the money will be transferred directly to your account. This puts you in the position of being able to explore the internet looking for gifts and other Christmas treats, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the money to pay for them.

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