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Make the Most of Summer With Our Garden Finance

garden house financing

The arrival of summer and the warmer weather it brings is something that happens every year, of course, but there’s no getting away from the fact that this year it feels a little bit different. That’s because this is the first summer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in which we’re all completely free to welcome other people into our gardens. That’s why the issue of garden finance is something which we know lots of our members will be looking at.

barbecue garden finance

Now that there are no longer limits on the number of people allowed in a garden or the number of different ‘bubbles’ that are mixing, we can start thinking about our gardens as extensions of our homes when it comes to entertaining. Our garden finance can make all the difference to anyone who looks around their garden and decides that it needs a bit of freshening up before the invitations are sent out and the barbecue fired up.

When we talk about garden finance we’re talking about a wide range of options. For some of our members it might simply mean the money needed to call in a landscape gardening company for a few hours to tidy things up, while for others, garden finance might mean the money needed to purchase dazzling new plant life to transform their outdoor space. At its most lavish, a garden finance loan could be the outdoor equivalent of a home improvement loanas much as £15,000 to put decking in place, build a patio, install a gazebo or summer house or any number of the spectacular transformations that it’s now possible to carry out.

The key point about garden finance from CLEVR Money is that it means borrowing from an ethical lender. We operate on a not for profit basis, so we’re able to keep interest rates as low as possible. Our commitment to ethics also means that we’re totally transparent, with no hidden fees or interest rates in our loan agreements and a commitment to working closely with our members. This means that our garden finance loans will always be affordable, with clear repayment plans and a full understanding of exactly how much interest will be charged by the time the loan has been repaid in full.

garden pond financing

We’ve made the process of applying for a loan as quick and simple as possible via an easy online form, and members of our team are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Once a loan has been approved, your garden finance will be transferred to your account, putting you in the powerful position of being able to shop around and make a cash offer when haggling over prices. Garden finance could help you to transform the space outside your home, and make the most of the chance to get outside and celebrate your freedom this summer. Here at CLEVR Money, we pride ourselves on helping to improve the local community, and garden finance does exactly that, one garden at a time.

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