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Loan Options For Bigger Expenses

Mention a credit union loan and many people might think of borrowing a small amount to tide them over until payday or to top up the cash they’ve got to pay the bills.

loan for new car

Although the loan options offered by CLEVR Money include smaller loans of this kind, not many people realise that we can actually provide responsible loans of up to £15,000 to fund those bigger life purchases like a new car or to fund a home extension. We know it’s not easy or even possible to save up the amount of money needed for larger purchases, no matter how careful and sensible you are with your monthly wage. That’s why our loan options mean that members don’t have to put their lives on hold in order to afford the things they need.

The loan options offered by CLEVR Money can be used for an extremely wide range of purposes. When looking to purchase a new car, for example, a loan from us would put you in the strong position of having money in the bank and being able to shop around for a bargain.

The same applies if you want to invest in some home improvements, with loan options of up to £15,000 making it possible to increase the property’s capital value and of course add space to your home in a way which improves your day-to-day quality of life. Whether you want to convert a loft, add a kitchen extension or treat yourself to a conservatory, we could lend you the money to turn an aspiration into a realistic possibility.

The thing which unites all of our loan options – from large loans to small, for debt consolidation to white goods to personal loans – is the fact that they’re provided on a responsible basis from an ethical, not-for-profit organisation. We have our members’ best interests at heart and, as community based lender, we can keep our interest rates as fair and affordable as possible.

Driven by the desire to improve the lives of our members rather than making money for distant shareholders, we can still deliver competitive rates comparable with high street banks. And we are certainly a better option for borrowers than the high interest online or high street payday lenders.

home improvement kitchen renovated

We also work in a completely transparent manner, which means that we guarantee that all of our loan options come without hidden fees, penalties or charges. To put it simply, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying back in total and how much each of the weekly or monthly payments will be.

Although many of our loan options can be for large amounts of money, we never lend our members more than we think they can afford to pay back. We treat each member as a person in their own right rather than just a number on a balance sheet, and will work with them to choose loan options which provide positive solutions with the minimum of stress and anxiety. Our decision will be based on your current financial position and the earnings you have coming in rather than simply an anonymous credit rating.

Once you’ve given us all of the information we need we’ll work to process your loan application as quickly as possible, and as soon as it has been approved your loan will be transferred into your bank account. Where our larger loan options are concerned this means that you’re instantly free to start looking for a fitted kitchen, a quote from some builders or a fantastic new car.

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