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Is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas?

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There’s Halloween costumes and candy to buy, and we’ve Bonfire Night and the fireworks to enjoy next week, so mince pies, carols and tinsel might be the very last thing on your mind. But, if you’re working to a strict budget then leaving things until December isn’t a luxury you can necessarily afford. That’s the reason why this could be the best possible time to start thinking about our personal loans for Christmas.

The costs of a family Christmas can soon start to build up, and no matter how hard you try to put some money to one side throughout the rest of the year it can be difficult to save enough to pay for everything you need. There’s every chance you spent the summer paying for school uniforms, holidays and day trips out, and an unexpected expense like a car repair or a kitchen appliance that needs replacing can soon put a big dent in anyone’s savings pot. The good news about our personal loans for Christmas is that they’re offered at the kind of affordable rates you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

We’re an ethical lender, and that means we can keep our interest rates fair, often beating those offered by high street banks, payday lenders and credit cards. We can make that promise because we run on a not-for-profit basis, which means we don’t try to make money out of our members to pay executive bonuses. Being ethical also means that our personal loans for Christmas don’t come with any strings attached.

christmas personal loan

When you take out a loan with us you don’t have to worry about hidden charges or extra fees buried in the small print. We’ll talk you through every stage of applying for our personal loans for Christmas and make sure that you know exactly how much you’re borrowing, what you’ll be paying back and the amount of each individual payment. We won’t lend you more than we think you can afford to pay back and we’ll set up a repayment plan that isn’t going to give you sleepless nights between now and December 25th.

When you enquire about one of our personal loans for Christmas you’ll be dealing with a member of our team rather than some distant call centre or anonymous computer. We’ll explain exactly how the process works and, once you’ve provided the information we need, we’ll try to reach a decision as quickly as possible. As soon as a loan is approved the money will be transferred into your account, leaving you free to start thinking about exactly how you’re going to spend it.

It could be the money you need for gifts, funds to sort out the house before the extended family descends, or perhaps just a little extra help when it comes to buying all the food and drink people love consuming at Christmas. Whatever you want to do with the money, one of our personal loans for Christmas will give you the purchasing power to shop around for the best possible deals, free from the stress of worrying about how you’re going to foot the bill.

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