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Family Loan, Family comes first

As your local credit union, you are our concern. Many families are in need for this extra help, the Family Loan.

We have relaunched our proven-to-be one of the best ways to stay on top of unexpected and expected expenses. The value of the Family Loan is £500 repaid over 12 months, via child benefit.

Clevr Money Loan Calculator

How to know if this loan works for you:

  • You receive child benefit.

  • You know that you can afford the loan repayment within your monthly budget.

  • You really need the £500 for your family.

Who usually applies for the Family Loan:

  • Anybody that has a family.

What is the Family Loan is meant for:

  • School supplies?

  • Last minute family holiday?

  • Unexpected expenses.

  • Any reason related to your family.

Keep it mind, whenever you need this Family Loan, we are a click away.

As you know, if you have any question, just send it to

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