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An Alternative to Highstreet Blackpool Banks


Here at CLEVR Money we’re proud to describe ourselves as ethical lenders. In contrast to any Blackpool banks or other loans providers, we operate on a not-for-profit basis, which means the money we make is invested back into the service we provide.

The interest rates we set are based on offering the fairest and most affordable deal for our members, and is capped by the government and regulators to ensure they are fair.

Established more than 10 years ago by local people for the benefit of the community, to help people avoid the dangers of bad debt, any money we do bring in is put back into supporting the local community to enhance the lives and well-being of the people living there.

The beginning of a new year, following hard on the heels of an expensive Christmas, often marks a time when people beginning to worry about debt and being short of money. Looking to Blackpool banks for help in dealing with the situation might be tempting but becoming a member of CLEVR Money could be by far the better option.

The first advantage is the fact that, unlike your traditional Blackpool banks, our customers are our members and therefore part of our credit union community. We know our members, we’ve spoken to most of them, and build real relationships with them. It is important we understand the stresses and strains in their financial lives so we can help them to improve their financial wellbeing. We treat our members as individual people not just a number on a computer screen.

The second is that we work in a totally transparent manner. Dealing with high street lenders and Blackpool banks often involves having to keep a look out for hidden fees and charges in the small print when you take out an agreement, but with CLEVR Money what you see is what you get.

When we lend money to a member we take the time and trouble to ensure that they understand exactly what the loan will entail. We explain how much interest will be charged, what the monthly or weekly repayments will be and how much they will have to pay back in total. We will never lend a member more than we think they can afford to pay back, and so we offer a wide range of loans for a variety of purposes and pockets.

In some cases a member may simply need a small loan which is below the minimum that Blackpool banks would provide, which is something we can help with. And a lot of people are unable to get a loan with any of the Blackpool banks due to their strict criteria.

crystal clear

Other members might be looking for a larger loan to pay for replacing a broken washing machine or redecorating their home. Our largest loan products go up to £15,000 and can be used to finance larger purchases or projects as such as adding an extension to a house or refitting an entirely new kitchen.

One type of loan which is particularly popular at this time of year is a debt consolidation loan, which is designed to pay off existing debts from a number of lenders – often including those members already have with some Blackpool banks, credit cards, store cards, payday loans and high street lenders - and replace multiple and complex repayments with one simple monthly or weekly amount.

In all cases we’ve made the process of applying for a loan as simple and stress-free as possible, and once all of the information has been provided we’ll come to a decision as quickly as possible. If your loan is approved the money will be transferred into your account, leaving you free to spend it however you wish.

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