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Choose the Ethical, Affordable Alternative to Payday Loans

British Pounds and wallet

Here at CLEVR Money we realise that times are hard for lots of people. Wages have been growing slowly for several years now, while the things you need to buy to look after a family seem to get more expensive all the time. It’s really no wonder that so many people find themselves turning to payday loans to make ends meet. Despite the extremely high interest rates these loans charge, the promise that they’ll lend to people with poorer credit histories is often too hard to resist. Payday loans may tide you over in a temporary emergency, but the repayments will soon cause more problems, and before you know it a spiral of debt is pulling you down.

Luckily, a credit union like CLEVR Money offers an ethical and effective alternative to payday loans. Being a Credit Union means that we are owned by our members, and every penny we handle is put back into making the lives of our members better. We don’t make a profit, unlike the providers of payday loans, because we don’t have to pay board members or shareholders. That means that all of our loan purposes are designed with the requirements of our members at heart, rather than as a way to get more money out of them.

It begins as soon as you see the interest rate we’re charging. Unlike payday loans, our loans are offered to all our members at the same low rates. We don’t put one rate on the posters to get you in through the door, and then explain that this is only available to a small percentage of customers. After that, we deal with extra fees and charges, which is extremely simple as there aren’t any. What you see is what you get at CLEVR Money, with no hidden set up fees, commission or extra charges if you’re able to pay the loan off more quickly. In contrast to payday loans, we’re genuinely here to help, and we’ll provide a loan and offer a repayment plan which we know you’ll be able to meet comfortably.


We tailor our loans specifically to meet the needs of our members. That means that as well as larger loans for things like home improvements or a new car, we provide those smaller amounts that come in so handy when the month seems to stretch a little bit further than your income does. Rather than turning to payday loans, our members can borrow from people who have their interests at heart and an ethical approach to lending. We also value our local community, and we think that helping the people who live here to handle their finances plays a part in improving our community. Our loans are designed to help members get over temporary problems and get their finances back on an even keel, rather than leaving them with more debt to worry about. Get in touch today – once you’ve borrowed from us we promise you’ll never go back to payday loans.

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