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Our Best Car Finance Helps To Make a Brand New Car Affordable

Buying a car is one of the largest investments most people make, particularly if they decide to go for a new car rather than a second-hand model. The best car finance is the credit option which makes a major purchase like this affordable without placing too much debt on your shoulders, and that’s why we’re proud to offer the best car finance at CLEVR Money.

Buying a brand new car is an increasingly attractive option for growing numbers of people for a range of reasons. Utilising the best car finance to purchase a new model on new plates is likely to mean driving a car which costs less to run in terms of petrol consumption, tax and repairs as it’ll be under warranty for a number of years.

It’s better for the environment as new models offer the latest technology. A hybrid or electric will minimise emissions and reduce air pollution, and even new petrol is more efficient than an older one. And lower emissions means lower road tax, which is an added bonus.

Wanting to buy a new vehicle is one thing, but affording it is another matter altogether, which is why the best car finance we offer is so helpful.

We believe our loans offer the best car finance to our members because we’re an ethical lender. This means the car finance we offer has interest rates that are kept as affordable as possible. Unlike other forms of car finance, our best car finance isn’t designed to bring in money for shareholders, but instead to make it possible for our members to improve their lives.

As well as having the fairest possible interest rates our best car finance comes with absolutely no strings attached. We don’t believe in adding extra charges or hidden fees to our contracts, so as when you sign for our car finance you know exactly what you’re agreeing to, including the specific repayments and the exact amount you’ll ultimately be charged in interest.

Once you’ve provided all the information we need we’ll process your application as quickly as possible. If the application is successful we’ll transfer the money to your account, putting you in the position of being able to shop around for the best vehicle at the best price.

Our best car finance puts the power in your hands, with the fact that you can pay in cash upfront meaning you can negotiate the best possible deal, from a cut in the price to extras like a tank full of petrol or upgrades like Sat Nav or even just a set of car mats being thrown in. A new car can make life much easier, particularly if you’ve got a family with children constantly demanding to be ferried here, there and everywhere, and CLEVR Money makes it possible for our members to make that kind of investment without worrying about how they can afford it.

*Representative example. Borrowing £15,000 over 60 months will cost £335.18. Total amount repayable is £20,110.80which includes interest at 12.9% APR. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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