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Appeal for experts to help promote financial fairness

A Lancashire credit union is appealing for help from professionals with a desire to ‘give back’ to their local community. 

CLEVR Money, the credit union for people living in Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre, Preston and Lancaster, is looking for a marketing expert to join the board as non-executive directors. 

The not-for-profit organisation, which provides payroll savings accounts for businesses across the county, also supports people who are financially excluded and works to help them avoid loan sharks and high interest pay day loans.

Jackie Colebourne, chief operating officer of CLEVR, says the voluntary role is ideal for community-minded professionals looking for a social value project to get their teeth into. 

She said: “There are more than 300,000 people on our patch who could be members of CLEVR Money and benefit from our savings schemes and affordable loans, but we’re competing with global banks and payday loans companies with very deep pockets, and it’s hard to reach the people we know we could help.

“As a community-focused organisation, we have helped thousands of people avoid bad debt and sort out their finances, and we are always open to new members whether they want to be savers or borrowers. 

“Our board is full of ethically driven professionals who volunteer their time to ‘give back’ to the communities that we serve. We’re currently looking for people with marketing expertise to help oversee our promotional activity and support the in-house team.”

A member of the national Association for British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL), CLEVR Money is a not-for-profit community cooperative dedicated to helping people in the local community to avoid debt and escape from bad debt. The credit union serves people whatever their financial circumstances, providing a safety net for those who need it.

While it is a grassroots, community-focused, not-for-profit organisation, CLEVR Money is also a professional financial institution fully regulated by the FCA, backed by the FSCS, and subject to annual audit. It is managed and governed just as any other financial institution, and so the board which oversees our operations must comprise people with the skills and expertise needed to provide scrutiny and support to the operational team.

CLEVR Money welcomes applications from anyone interested in helping to further the credit union’s mission. Board members are asked to attend one two-hour meeting every month and the annual AGM.

To enquire about applications to the board please email Jackie Colebourne on

Voluntary Non-Executive Director (Marketing Director) Role Description
Download PDF • 452KB

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