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We Provide Christmas Loans for Bad Credit

Keeping an excellent credit rating is something which we’re all advised to do, but it’s often much easier said than done. Pay a couple of bills a little bit late or fall behind on a catalogue repayment and before you know it you can find yourself with a bad credit rating.

As Christmas gets nearer, the fact that it’s more difficult to borrow money can often be extremely stressful, but the good news is that CLEVR Money provides Christmas loans for bad credit. We do it because we think all of our members deserve the chance to enjoy the Christmas season without the stress of worrying about how to pay for it, and we don’t think the fact that they may have suffered some money problems in the past should stop this happening.

We’re an ethical lender, and that means we understand the lives of our members. We know how hard it can be to save up for Christmas during the rest of the year, as everyday expenses and unforeseen emergencies combine to eat into the available money. Before you know it, it’s September, Christmas is just around the corner and you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to afford everything. As a not for profit organisation we offer loans at the most competitive rates available. We don’t have to generate bonuses for our directors or a dividend for any shareholders, because we’re owned by our members. That means we can devote ourselves to providing the best possible financial services and using any money we do make to improve the local community.

It also means that we can lend to people who might have problems borrowing elsewhere. Our Christmas loans for bad credit offer better value than you’ll be able to find anywhere else. Unlike high street lenders we always provide the interest rate we advertise, and we don’t hide any nasty surprises in the small print. With no hidden fees, extra charges or penalties for early repayment, we provide a totally transparent financial product, one which you can use to fund Christmas without suffering sleepless nights afterwards.

We shape our loans to meet the circumstances of every member, and we always devise a repayment plan that they’ll be able to meet. We understand that a bad credit rating can happen to the most careful of spenders, or even those who’ve never taken credit out before, and so we treat every applicant as an individual, and treat their application for a loan on its own merits. When you apply for a loan with us, you’ll be applying with people who take the time to get to know you as an individual, and who provide a service based on that knowledge.

If the credit score is bad and all you need is around £500, just apply for the Family Loan £500, it is designed to help people to get what they need with no credit check.

We think our members deserve as much fun as Christmas as anyone else, and we work to provide the loans that can help to make that happen. Our Christmas loans for bad credit embrace the spirit of the season fully, and spread goodwill and cheer amongst our members and their families.

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