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Transform Your Home with a Renovation Loan

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No one can escape talk of the cost of living crisis at the moment, and we know our members are feeling the pinch. It can be hard to budget when costs are rising so fast, and people are putting some of those bigger ticket items on the back burner.

But sometimes it’s not possible to put those things off any longer. If an appliance has broken it needs replacing; when there’s no other option for getting to work, you’ll need to buy a car; when the roof starts to leak, you’ve got to get it fixed!

Then there’s the option of spending on something which could help reduce those bills in the longer term, like a home renovation loan to make a property more energy efficient. Homeowners are being encouraged to improve loft and wall insulation to reduce heat loss, or replace whistling windows and doors with new, better fitting, thicker options. Fitting electricity generating features like solar panels or even switching from gas central heating to an air source heat pump, people are looking for innovative ways to avoid sky high fuel bills.

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A renovation loan from CLEVR Money could help you to make these changes. We can lend anything up to £15,000 for a renovation loan which could cover the costs of a new kitchen, loft conversion, conservatory, or replacement windows and doors. Not only could this help reduce energy use in the future, it’ll make your home a nice place to spend your time.

If you’ve dreamed of a transformation of this kind for years but never been able to afford it then a renovation loan could finally turn your vision of your home into a reality.

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If you do decide to take out a renovation loan with CLEVR Money then you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with borrowing from an ethical lender. First and foremost we are a not-for profit organisation. Our interest rates are set to be fair, and when you take out a renovation loan for several thousand pounds that can make a big difference.

Secondly, our ethos as an ethical lender means that we will take great care when providing a renovation loan to make sure that the amount we lend and the payment plan we arrange is one that the member taking out the loan can afford. You can also be certain that our renovation loan comes without any hidden fees of extra charges buried in the small print, because we operate in a completely transparent manner.

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Once a renovation loan has been approved we’ll transfer the money to your bank account. This puts you in the powerful position of having the cash readily available to shop around for the best possible deal, driving a hard bargain with tradespeople such as builders, landscape gardeners and suppliers, and getting the best value for your money. A renovation loan could turn your vision for your home into a reality, and do it in a way that offers complete peace of mind.

Representative example. Borrowing £10,500 over 60 months will cost £234.63. Total amount repayable is £14,077.80 which includes interest at 12.9% APR. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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