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Invest in the Future with a Home Renovation Loan From CLEVR Money

home renovation loan

Along with New Year’s resolutions and joining a gym, the months of January and February are often when people embark on renovating their home. This might mean simply redecorating or investing in some new furniture, or something more ambitious like building an extension or converting a loft. A home renovation loan offered by CLEVR Money makes this kind of transformation affordable for many more of our members than it would otherwise be.

There are numerous advantages to improving your home. Obviously it can make your living space more pleasant and enjoyable, particularly if you have a large or growing family, with live-in grandparents or older children who can’t afford to move out. Opening up an area like the loft can make all the difference in terms of space and convenience. A home renovation loan can make this possible and also, crucially, boost the value of your property. Indeed, this kind of loan is an investment which could pay for itself in the long run.

home renovation loan

The other advantage of taking out a home renovation loan with CLEVR Money is that you’re dealing with an ethical lender. This means that we lend money without focusing on profit, so we can keep our interest rates as fair as possible for our members. It also means that we work in a completely transparent and up-front manner. For a home renovation loan from CLEVR Money, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges in the small print. No matter how much you need to borrow, you’ll know exactly what each repayment will be, and how much interest you’ll have been charged when the home renovation loan has been paid in full.

Once you’ve given us all of the information you need, we’ll process your application as quickly as possible, and if the loan is approved the money will be transferred into your account. Once you’ve got your home renovation loan you’ll be free to shop around for the best prices for materials, any builders you need to employ and items like kitchen appliances. The fact that you have the cash in the bank will enable you to haggle for the best possible price every single time, rather than having to pay the higher interest rates often charged by stores providing things like fitted kitchens or heating systems. If you’ve got big plans for your home but you’re wondering how to finance them then look no further than a home renovation loan from CLEVR Money. You can transform your home without damaging your finances, repay what you borrow with complete peace of mind, and make an affordable investment in the future.

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