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Why the Best Loans Come From an Ethical Lender

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Here at CLEVR Money we understand why people might need to borrow money from time to time, and we go out of our way to provide the best loans we can when they do. No matter how carefully you manage your finances, the fact that inflation often runs ahead of wage rises, and that many jobs are less secure than they used to be, can make it very difficult to save for a rainy day.

The ‘rainy day’ in question could be anything from the car that you drive to work breaking down, or a washing machine springing a leak, to needing to buy two or three children new school uniforms at once. The best loans are those which you can take out quickly and simply and which, even more importantly, you’ll be able to pay back without overstretching yourself.

We believe that we can offer the best loans to our members because we’re an ethical lender, run on a not for profit basis. This means that our interest rates don’t have to be high in order in order to bring in money to pay executive bonuses. Instead, we can set fair interest rates at a level which we know our members will be able to afford.

In addition to keeping interest rates fair, we provide our best loans to every single member on exactly the same terms. Many lenders don’t do this, advertising one particular interest rate but only making this available to certain borrowers, while charging the rest a higher rate. The interest rate we advertise, on the other hand, is the one which every member will be asked to pay for that particular loan amount.

We also feel our loans are the best loans because they come without any strings attached. Unlike some lenders, we don’t hide fees, charges and penalties in the small print, and we always make sure that our members know exactly how much they’ll be paying back monthly, and how much interest they’ll have been charged by the time the loan has been paid back in full. Unlike many other lenders we also don’t punish our members with extra payments if they happen to be able to pay a loan off more quickly than was planned.

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As well as offering the best loans we can, we help our members to save responsibly for the future, offering a range of savings accounts, including junior accounts and second saving accounts to put money aside for a special event such as a wedding or holiday.

If you want to take out one of our best loans then the first step is to become a member of CLEVR Money. We try to deal with every application from our members as quickly as we can, and if a loan is approved we’ll pay it directly into your account. We deal with every application personally, treating members as human beings rather than just numbers on a computer screen. We think our members deserve to have the spending power that comes from knowing they can access affordable loans – leaving them free to shop around, negotiate bargains and snap up the best offers. If you’d like to know more about our best loans please get in touch with us today.

For New and Existing Loans call 01253 478390

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