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Joining Your Local Credit Union is an Ethical Act

joining your local credit union - CLEVR Money

There are many reasons to consider joining your local credit union other than the financial benefit that is offers.

  • Contributing to your community:

If you think giving to charity is the only way to support your community, you can't be more wrong. Becoming a saver member is an ethical act. Because your saved money will help someone in financial need. While you help someone in need, you are keeping your money in your own saving account - can withdraw it any time.

  • Build the community stability:

A saver account is a column the credit union lays on. We are ethical savers and not only ethical lenders. To be able to support more families, individuals and employees, we need to know that we have enough savings to help more people. If the lending fund lowers, less people are able to use our services and may seek costly alternatives.

We all want to contribute to our community in a way or another and our main choice is always charities. Our urge to help is an ethical act we're proud of. However, to help the community rise up and be more productive, we need to help people rely on themselves too. This is the main purpose of the credit union. We encourage people to save and condition them to start saving if they want to borrow. That has been changing their mindset about saving and getting them to rely on their savings in the future rather on loans. It can sound like a long journey, but once the foot is on the path, it is done. The member in need becomes the member to contribute.

If you are looking to support your community to take responsibility and support themselves, this is your chance to become a saver with your local credit union.

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