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Staying Sane On and After Christmas

Taking care of ourselves during Christmas is important. But how can this be done while the level of stress goes up thinking about the our financial affordability at Christmas time?

christmas with mental health

We want to make our families happy on Christmas and being in stress mode is not helping. We must take care of our own wellbeing so we can reflect happiness on our people that we care about.

Mind Lancashire has got our back on this! They already know what affects our mental health during Christmas and made a list for us:

Christmas could affect your mental health, you may feel you don't want to deal with Christmas, feel lonely, it is hard to keep it up with all the Christmas activities. Maybe people around you may not feel well and you don't know how to act.

One of the rising concerns is money. This year has been heavy on our financial wellbeing. But there are always ways to beat it. Loans are not always the answer, sometimes taking care of ourselves can save us from spending more money to compensate.

Be mindful to your own mental health first because if you need to give, you need to have something good to give!

Merry Christmas to everyone.

mental health and christmas

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