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Saving Accounts
and Personal Loans


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  • not-for-profit

  • low interest loans

  • member owned

  • bad credit loans

  • community support

Our mission is to help our members achieve financial security. 

We are a not for profit organisation and we are governed by strong ethical values. 

CLEVR Money is a credit union, owned by its members. Our money saving members are a lending force! People who take out loans are members, a circle that keeps interest rates low. Any surplus is usually paid back to members as a dividend and reinvested in the business and community.

Take charge of your finances and become a credit union member.

Loan Calculator

Borrow min £200, max £15,000

Pay over min 3 months, max 60 months

Loan Amount




Representative Example

Monthly Payment



Representative APR 


Loan Amount



Total Repayable






The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

Join thousands of borrowers within our safety network

As a community focused lender, we charge low interest rates and have no hidden fees.


We offer affordable personal loans for all personal needs; Christmas loan, car loan, home improvement loan, holiday loan, debt consolidation loan, wedding loan, newborn loan, back to school loan. We cover most of your life needs with our loans.

Even if you have bad credit, you can still apply for a bad credit loan with us.


If you work for one of our partners, you can repay direct from your salary. Just enroll in our payroll savings and loans scheme.

Our personal loans are designed with our members in mind, with no set-up costs, no arrangement fees and no early repayment penalties.

Review your budget, do your calculations and apply for a personal loan if you need it. 


Start with a little saving jar with our savings account

Saving with our Credit Union is empowering your community, while building your assets by owning a part of CLEVR Money.

You're eligible if you

  • are over 16,

  • live or work in our common bond areas,

  • can provide 3 years of address history,

  • can provide your employment details and your bank account details.

You can save for yourself, or to help your family. You can have multiple savings accounts; such as Christmas and/or Second Saver accounts.

Many of our members thought they couldn't save; if you think you cannot save, just £10 per month set aside can help you get miles ahead and gives you access to our credit union benefits.


Once you've joined us...

Online Banking

Manage your account online. If you have joined us and haven't registered yet for an online banking account, you can register now.

If you have already registered, you can login into your online banking account and manage your savings and loans.

Withdrawal Requests Mon-Fri

Withdrawals requested before 1pm will usually be settled by 6pm same day.

Withdrawals requested after 1pm will usually be settled next day by 6pm.

Perks for your employees

Make it part of your rewards and benefits for your employees! Everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy automated repayments. It is a major peace of mind system, and allows your employees to focus on what matters.
Over 95% satisfaction by employees with deduction lending and saving system with a credit union reported fair4allfinance in March 2023, in the latest research about Deduction Lending.
Here is what other employers say.

What is a Credit Union?


How to empower your community?

Saving is beneficial for you, but saving with a credit union is a lifestyle choice which helps your community, while you keep your own money. By choosing to save with CLEVR Money, you become a shareholder of our credit union. Shareholders may receive dividends after each fiscal year based on the company performance.

Contact Us

Please email us at:

We usually reply within 24h (Mon-Fri)

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