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Talk Money: Money Helper Budgeting

Have you been struggling to budget? Why not get some help with a brilliant budgeting calculator? Gratefully, we have access to the perfect budgeting tool via Money Helper budgeting calculator.

Money Helper Budgeting tool - CLEVR Money

Budgeting is not hard, it is basically knowing how much money you earn vs how much money you spend. It is not always easy to change the income, but we can always control the outcome. The Money Helper budget calculator is an easy way to visualise that.

It helps you take control. Once you filled in your information, the calculator will show you where your most spending is going.

Once you can see where your money are going, you can start to pick on those areas where you know you are spending more than you should. This will reflect onto what you spend on and what actually benefits you. Example: clothing: if you spend lots on clothes, but you actually don't wear them as many times as you should, maybe that is the area you need to start saving on. It is said; if you don't use it over a year, you don't need it. Simply, stop spending on clothes! Imagine you saved that money or invested it instead?

It is understandable, that even with the greatest budgeting skills, it is not always possible to make it work unless spending habits change. This is the challenge. It is all on you, your will to make things better for yourself, improve your life and take the responsibility towards your own future.

Keep in mind:

Need a higher income?

Invest in yourself; learn, train and educate yourself. Are you handy? learn some business ways to increase the number of customers

Cut on a bad habit that drains your pocket?

You only need to have the will, plenty of organisations out there that are happy to help

Advice on budgeting?

Citizen Advice and Money Helper are great sources.

Debt problems?

If you are not able to pay your debts. Contact your local Citizen Advice. If your debt is with us, contact us, we are ethical lenders, we can sort it out together.

need a small loan?

Check with your local credit union first. Low interests, fast applications, no extra fees usually and that is your first step to building you financial stability when you become a member.

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