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An Affordable Summer Holiday is Possible for Everyone

Summer holidays are expensive. Think flights, transfers, accommodation, spending money and insurance, the just in case money, the gifts money and more.

summer holiday with CLEVR Money

Spending a bit of time researching is important to insure you are getting the right deal to the destination of your choice.

For example, consider what week day you travel. Travelling mid-week is cheaper than weekends. Also choosing which airport to fly out of the UK matters. Yet, find out if travelling to the airport doesn't cost you a fortune! Check social media for offers from airports and transportations. Think of the prices as in package, rather.

Be sure to sign-up for email newsletters too, as travel companies often offer exclusive deals to their subscribers.

At CLEVR Money we offer low-cost, affordable loans which can be ideal when you need a bit of help to fund your holiday, without the worry of expensive, high interest rates weighing down your suitcase. Think about how much you already saved and how much you need to borrow on top. Never apply for more than you need and always keep room for financial flexibility.

As a credit union, we’re able to offer some of the fairest interest rates because we operate as a non-profit lender, so the money is reinvested or shared with our members.

Remove the stress from securing your holiday finances and email or visit (and don’t forget to send us a postcard).

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